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Urbanizing My Toilet - To Ohio And West

Feb. 11th, 2017 01:47 pm Urbanizing My Toilet

Last night I was really sick to my stomach.

I ate something that didn't agree with me. I kept having visions all night long that suburban Akronites were nauseated by the idea that the New Urbanists were actively removing their freeway spur into downtown Akron piece by piece.

When I spent a lot of time on toilet, I kept telling myself that I was urbanizing my toilet. I was saying that all night. My cat Sally told me, "You probably are!" I think she thought it was a little funny. I'm not sure what it means to urbanize a toilet. I kept telling myself out loud that I was urbanizing my toilet and that it was a very exciting new development.

There's only one toilet in my apartment which is about a half mile from my parent's house. I kept having to constantly flush my toilet because the old plumbing couldn't handle what I was putting into it.

Fortunately the toilet never flooded but I was pretty miserable.

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