To Ohio And West

Life After the American Dream

Jesse Woodruff Craig
24 September 1978
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I am a part time home health aide and I work on my mother's rental properties part time. I can also do a lot of nothing from time to time. A lot of my home health aide work involves driving old ladies all over town. I also have a male client I go to twice a week. I take care of his needs. I don't drive him places. I have my own apartment but my mother's house has the food and the internet, so I spend a lot of time at my mother's house. My dad lives in Germany. My youngest sister lives in Austria. My older sister lives with her husband in Charleston, West Virginia.

I have a lot of different interests and I like to talk about a lot of different things. I also like to play the piano but it will be a while before I am good at it. I like people enough but I also need a lot of time to myself. The world is a very big place with lots of things to learn about. I am also a part time furry fan. This means I really like anthropomorphic animals like Baloo and Kit from Talespin and other disney cartoons. It's the animal in human form that I like. Yes, I wish I had fur and a tail and a cute furry face and I wish I didn't have to wear pants but given that I am human, wearing pants is a must!

Other than that, I like to write when I am up for it. I am a fairly religious christian but I also believe that religion under any circumstance should be taken with a grain of salt! I am involved with two different churches. I read the bible fairly regularly. I believe anything should be taken in moderation. Just as I believe religion should be taken with a grain of salt, I ALSO believe scientific studies and expert opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. I like to eat a lot and I like many different kinds of food. I am not picky but I don't like liver, kidneys or raw tomatoes.

If you want to know the long version about me and my life story, here's the link below!

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I like cats. Here's something I wrote about them!

Here's a couple of story idea's I've been working on. They're not necessarily true per se but I want to develop this theme.

Here's another story idea. I work as a home health aide, so sometimes the people I work with give me inspiration.

Here's a couple of really good rap videos from my city! No, I usually don't listen to rap. But I like these two songs...

Here's a song from my hometown and I somehow identify with what he's saying. Lots of crazy stuff that doesn't seem to fit together but still it's my life just the same.

Like I'm a spokesman for Cleveland. Actually I hate Cleveland much of the time. Anyway. Here's a local dance called the Cleveland Shuffle. The creator of it teaches you how to do it and then dances to the music. I can NEVER seem to get how to do it but it's kind of cool. I am not good with remembering dance steps.

This artist even graduated from my high school years and years ago. His philosophy is that music is something you are and not something you do. For me, I choose to take this philosophy and extend it to all other areas of my life. Anything I do in this lifetime comes from who I am and in order to change what I do over all, I must first change who I am. This artist's music came from who he was. He focused on who he was and then let the music follow. I choose to be the best me I can be and then let the talents, the career, and the life follow,

Back when I had given up on myself and it looked like my life was completely hopeless, someone came into my life... just there in the high school cafeteria. It was as if our journey together was planned from even before we came into this world. We used to watch movies together almost on a weekly basis but our experience was more than that. It was something deeper, something you can't describe. She became like a sister to me. Our journey together taught me to focus on the meaning of the things I did instead of just focusing on the physical outcome. Because of her I understand the importance of how I live my life and I understand that the love involved and the meaning of what I do far exceeds anything tangible I could ever show for it. We were friends for eight years and it looked like she'd always be there when I was down. It's hard to believe she passed away more than ten years ago.

Her funeral was kind of non-traditional. The organist was playing music from the Lion King on the piano instead of the sad, dreary funeral music you usually hear walking into a funeral. I had never felt such love and compassion surrounding me as I had felt that day. I hope that should I leave this world some day I should have such love and compassion at my parting. After the eulogy, they played a recording of her all time favorite song. I bought a little plug in neon light that said "Angel" on it and gave it to her family in the receiving line. They still have it to this day. This was her all time favorite song. "Angel" It's kind of ironic and fitting as well. Rest In Peace, Lisa.

Nobody will replace Lisa, but after Lisa's parting, I decided to gather enough courage to reach out to other people even if they weren't my own age and didn't seem at all like me. Lisa was my own age, but Toby was quite a bit older than me... and didn't seem at all like me. Still, in a way, he was there when I was grieving and he still kind of fills the gap in his own way. I don't know how or why. Maybe because I can go over to his house and watch movies like I used to watch movies in Lisa's basement.

This is Toby. This is the guy I watch movies with every Wednesday. I drive across town to his apartment. He never comes to my side of town. Toby himself starred in three low budget horror films as well as being Harvey's sidekick in both the American Splendor movie and the American Splendor comics. No, I'm not in the American Splendor Comics myself and probably never will be. Also, Toby's film maker friend who made the low budget horror films, he made this video clip as well. I have not been involved in Toby's film making endeavors and I don't really get along with some of Toby's film making buddies.

This is me!
Here's a more recent but blurry picture.

More pics of me on my birthday!